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302 v8

  1. 1968 Mustang engine swap

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    Hi everyone, so I am fairly new in working on cars but I have many friends who are very into it and it has made me want to start getting into it myself. I am considering buying a 68 mustang that has a 200 inline 6 in it with a 3 speed. If I am to buy it I would want to put a 302 in it and a 4...
  2. '71 Star-stang

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I watched though my lens on really beautiful '71 Mustang formerly owned by european popstar Karel Gott. Hope you'll enjoy its story. >> Karel Gott's Horse: '71 Ford Mustang -
  3. 302 cylinder #1 spitting fuel?

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    So I just bought a '63 Fairlane 500 with a 302 that won't run properly. I did a compression test and on the #1 cylinder it squirted fuel like a fountain. I also tried a few other things to try to determine what the problem is and I've come to the conclusion that the carb is broken in some way...
  4. Piston ring thickness?????

    Mustang Pages (2005-2009)
    I have a set of pistons does any one know ring thickness ? number on top is E7ZE-6110-ca and are these pisons any good?
  5. I Need Wheel Alignment Specs

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    I bought a really cool 1929 Mercedes SSK built using a 302 V8 engine and C4 transmission from a '74 Ford Maverick. The front end and chassis are from a '73 or '74 Pinto. The car came with these cheesy plastic fakey looking wire wheel basket over a 14" chrome reverse. I found some direct bolt...