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  1. 77 Maverick Engine Swap Radiator

    Engine Articles
    Hello. I have a 77 Maverick with a 250 engine in it currently that I want to swap to a 303 engine. I am having trouble finding info on the radiator. I want to know if the original radiator that comes with the 250, will still work with the 302 without any issues? If not, any recommendations on...
  2. what rear end size for a c5

    C4 Transmissions
    i have a 66 fairlane with a 302, a c5 , and a 2.80 rear end, the motor is built with a cam, exhaust, carb, intake, i also have a shift kit and a high stall converter. i want a 3.23 rear end but i can only find 3.55 for ford 8 inch rear axles. what rpms would i be at on the freeway at 70 with...
  3. 69 sedan 302 AOD

    Fairlane Pages
    Hello all. I picked up a 69 sedan to replace my rusted out 68. I had previously installed an aod with headers into the old one but im trying to keep everything stock and easy with the 69 except for the transmission upgrade. Question is will the stock exhaust and y pipe clear the bell housing? I...
  4. c4 to aod conversion

    C4 Transmissions
    i found a 87 aod trans for my 66 fairlane with a 1985 302 will it bolt right up where my c4 was or do i need to make modifications to anything?
  5. 302 heads

    Dyno Board
    i have a 302 with long tube headers connected to a flowmaster exhaust, electronic ignition, a holley 650 with spacer. How much power am I making and what would porting and milling down the heads do for the car power wise? Thanks!
  6. 302w or 351c for 64 falcon

    All Ford Techboard
    hi everyone my name is Jarod and I am almost 16. I got my first classic a 1964 falcon 2dr sedan. I love it but the stock 170ci i6 makes only 100 hp gross. I just think that's to low for me. I have two engine to choose from a 302 Windsor or a 351c both 2v versions. I have a limited budget so I...
  7. 255 with 302 heads?

    All Ford Techboard
    hey my first thread, i would like to know if there is anyway possible to fit a 302 head to a 255. i am looking at building a budget sleeper and i eventually plan to 302 swap this car, but i can only really afford heads and a cam for now. i want to be able to put these parts on the 302 when i get...
  8. Good Buy? 1990 F150 with a 302 Windsor

    The Garage
    Hi everybody, just was wanting to get some opinions on this truck I am looking at. It is a 1990 F150 4X4 302 with 188,000 kms on it. Doesn't appear to have any rust on the body. Is it worth waiting for an I6 to come along instead? I know they have been known to be more durable engines but this...
  9. 302 headers mustang

    Hello all. I am new to the forums and should be posting my falcon build shortly. Right now I have a set of 302 headers that I believe were designed for an older body style mustang and automatic transmission. I bought these with a project and they didn't fit my falcon engine bay. I can email...
  10. 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 Father and Son Build

    Galaxie Pages
    I'm new to site and I recently bought a 1970 Galaxie for a street rod. I just want to build a cool car whether or not it a show car or not. I will be updating this thread from time to time. I welcome all questions, suggestions and criticisms as well. An now the car. I picked this up on...
  11. Red line on a mild 302 build?

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Seeing as i have been unsuccessful with finding a real, somewhat confident answer online about where my red line should be I've decided to ask myself. hope you guys can help me out here!:grin2: I've never had a tachometer in my car until i recently rebuilt my 302 so i have never known what it...
  12. C4 Transmission Lines

    C4 Transmissions
    I'm not sure if this belongs in Cooling or Transmissions, but it's a C4 so I'll try here first. I have a 1968 Mercury Montego MX with a 302 and a C4. I was upgrading my radiator this past weekend and my idiot self wrecked one of the trans lines. Does anyone have a picture of the way their 68...
  13. It's been over 20 years...

    Stroker Engines
    Hey fellas, just stumbled upon the site and registered today. I just bought a 73 gran torino (302-2v c4 3.50 9") and already have my bedroom engine stand ready to start the motor build. I however haven't kept up on the build and design differences over the past 20 years that the Ford small...
  14. 1961 Falcon--My First Build

    Falcon Pages
    Ok, so I am going to be picking up my new car tomorrow, it is a 1961 Falcon. I am going to start with upgrading the suspension and brakes, but then I want to put in a SBF and I have no idea which one to use. My buddies want to see a 302 go in it, and they will be helping so I must take their...
  15. Where can I find this clip?

    Maverick Pages
    Hi all, I finally got around to putting the fuel cell in my Maverick to replace the rusted leaking stock tank. My question is there is a factory fuel line clip that was holding the end of the line up (right before it connected to the stock tank) and I'm wondering what it is called and if anyone...
  16. Vintage Heads on Newer block??

    All Ford Techboard
    I am recently new to the site, so hello to all. I acquired a 66 fairlane last year, which was running until I blew a head gasket. I just pulled the motor yesterday, but I am looking to purchase a rebuilt 302 short block to replace it, rather than taking the time to rebuild. As I have been...
  17. Carb decisions

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    So, this is my first thread ever on any forum (please pardon my noobienes). I own a 1969 mustang coupe (wish it was a boss 429...anyways) with a stock 302- besides dual exhaust. And well, the stock carb is worn out and well...slow, after some research i have settled on getting a new intake and...
  18. Can anyone tell me if this 302 sounds too bad?

    All Ford Techboard
    I'm having a really bad feeling about my engine. Is it going to live or does it need a rebuild? ""
  19. 70 Maverick project

    Maverick Pages
    So, I have bought a 70 maverick, I paid 1600 bucks (included delivery) theres some rust in the quarters and the car is rattle canned, it came with a 302 as far as I know the bottom end is stock, it is freshly machined the crank is turned 30/30 and it is bored .40 over, It has a 9 inch with...
  20. 302 head question

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I am starting my first top end rebuild of a 302.When finally taking the heads off coolant came out and poured into the cylinders, I am assuming I did something wrong when draining the radiator.can anyone advise me of what I did wrong and is this a problem?