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  1. Stroker Engines
    This will be my first complete engine builds, sorry in advance for all the questions! what started out as a normal 302 swap when my weak 2.9 v6 blew has now turned into a complete 347 stroker build. the parts I already have: comp cam springs (942-16) with comp retainers, locks, etc. Summit...
  2. Stroker Engines
    I am building a 347 stroker kit. im going to use the stock heads and an edlebrock rpm air gap intake eldebrock preformer carb. im not sure on what cam i should go after, and i want to know about how much hp? and suggestions? thanks.
  3. Drag Racing
    Hey all! After scrounging all my paychecks for a few years this summer I am finally going to take my first passes at some test and tune track days and 1 or 2 arm drop events near me!! I am pumped and currently cursing the snow! I was hoping to share my set up and perhaps get some predictions...
  4. Stroker Engines
    Ok, I know there are probably 1,000 thread on 347 vs 331 on here but I have not seen one that talks about why a 331 is better. I seen a few recent articles that say a 331 will make more hp than a 347 and is easier on a stock block due to less rotation mass; while a 347 will make more torque...
1-4 of 5 Results