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  1. Engine Articles
    Hey everyone I am building a 351 cleveland with 4v closed chamber heads. I had some flat top pistons on my first build and now want to try pop up pistons to raise the compression to around 12.5. I have heard that if you run a big enough cam and your dynamic compression is below 8:1, you can run...
  2. Engine Articles
    351 windsor to a 351 Cleveland Will it just drop in and fit or do I need to redo mounts shock towers ect???
  3. Engine
    I have a 351 Cleveland and I was throwing up some different ideas for future plans on my car and had thought about adding a supercharger. Does anyone know what size, type, brand, cost, etc, supercharger would fit on a 351?
  4. Torino Pages
    Ok so I have a 1970 Torino 351 Cleveland and upgraded the top half from a stock 2bbl to 4bbl Eldlebrock 650 carb and intake manifold. Ever since then I've been creeping up on small issues. I have some bad compression in 2 valves so I just have her sitting, probably for way too long since I don't...
  5. All Ford Techboard
    Lost my dad in Feb. 2017 He had in his possession a 1967 Mustang, banana yellow and covered in rust (perhaps pics to come). It's sporting a stock 351 Cleveland with some kind of sport transmission like a "C-4 class tranny"? The car is pretty much mine now, and I've got very few bills to pay...
  6. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hello, im looking for a cold air intake for my 69 mustang with a 351c 4v. And i cant seem to find any kits online. does anyone know of any kits that would fit my engine? Thx
  7. Truck Forum
    I have a 1970 F-100 with a 351 Cleveland and a 3 speed on the tree at the moment, i bought a vintage s speed Hurst Mastershift Shifter but the plate or bracket to connect it to the transmission isnt the right one, its a 3 speed toploader transmission with a short output tail, any ideas where to...
  8. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I need to replace the alternator bracket on my 351c. Everything I find is for the Winsor. Is there a difference? The one currently on has a crack in it. Might be able to weld it, but that's ugly and would be the second spot on the same bracket that this has happened to. (I just bought it and am...
  9. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I have a 1971 351C 4v engine and have taken the disassembled engine to the local machine shop for balancing etc. He has the new pistons, bearings, harmonic balancer, 164 tooth flexplate (28oz imbalance weight), rods etc. The rods will have the new ARP bolts. The machinist says I have the...
  10. Engine
    Brand new unused set of light weight aluminum Superods for a 351 Cleveland. Small block Chev. journal, stock Cleveland length & piston pin size. $450 plus shipping. [email protected]
  11. Exhaust
    351-Cleveland, 4-V factory manifolds. No cracks or splits. One of the nicest sets I have seen in a long time! These are D-O castings on top of that. Very rare. $200.00 + the ride to you. Pics to anyone interested.
  12. Drag Racing
    Here is a video of my '66 Fairlane making a pass. Keep in mind Bandimere speedway in Colorado is 6000' and the pressure altitude is around 8500'. Looking forward to some better air at Drag Week this year! Bangin' Gears! - YouTube
  13. Car Show and Track Pics
    Here is my '66 Fairlane at the strip with a 351C and a TKO 600 Bangin' Gears! - YouTube
  14. Torino Pages
    I am in the process of restoring my dads 73 Torino that was handed down from me. He purchased the car @ 18 and drove it up until around 15 years ago. It has been in storage since so it has no rust! I have been working on the rebuild slowly due to money but have recently started a better job and...
  15. Engine
    Crane Cams 133052 I'd like to get $110 plus actual cost of shipping from 23321. Any takers? This cam is brand new in box and includes the hydraulic lifters. It's for a 351 Cleveland, and others listed below: At SUMMIT it'll cost you $189.00. Again, brand new in box cam and lifters...
  16. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I recently pulled a 351 Cleveland out of a 1973 Mustang I bought. When I removed the valve cover I found that all of the metal between the 1st and 2nd cylinder lifter rods and 3rd and 4th cylinder lifter rods was removed from the head. Why would someone do this?
1-16 of 16 Results