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  1. 63 Galaxie 352 Oil

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    I Have a 63 Galaxie 500 with a 352 in it. Doesn’t seem like it’s ever been rebuilt but I just want to run the right oil in it. Currently run Mobile 1 10w-30 with a Rislone Zinc additive but I heard there are some better oils to run for and old engine. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  2. FE Engine Stand/Dolly

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    Does anyone have experience with this product from Motofeet? Motofeet Engine Stand for Ford FE - Century Performance Center It looks sturdy and I like the simplicity of it. I believe the motor mounts on my '64 352 use two bolts per side, while the '65 and later used 3 bolts per side. If the...
  3. FE Stroker

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    Hi, i bought myself a 64 Galaxie 500XL with a 352 FE in it. Im considering building a SCAT 432 stroker for it, and wonder if i can bore and use my existing 352 block or have to buy a 390 block to fit the kit. The bore on the SCAT kits im looking at are 4.080 with the 4.125 stroke...
  4. Can't Start, Please Help

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    Hi everyone, I have a 1965 Galaxie LTD with a 352 and Holley 4 barrel. I just picked her up last month, and I've been struggling to get her running right. Now she won't start. I replaced the plugs, wires, distrib cap, condensor, points, and she was running, but still not perfect. I adjusted the...
  5. Info help on my 66 Galaxie 500 fastback

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    Hello, I am newer to FORD Galaxie world but have always thought it would be cool to own one. I recently purchased one in pretty great shape and had a few questions. It is a 352 with a Holley carb, what advise could you guys send my way to improving the performance of it a little. I havent had to...
  6. 352 vs 390...SAME block?? (in 1966)

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    Please help clarify for me. A friend gave me a "390" long block to strip and build my stroked 390 out of so I would not have to use my matching numbers block original to my '67. Upon dismantling it, I checked the stroke and bore and sure enough, it is a 352,(3.5" stroke, 4.00 bore) not a 390...
  7. 64 Gal 352 distributor question

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    So I'm rebuilding the old 352(top end of the motor anyway) I am at the point of buying a distributor. What's a mechanical advance distributor and whats the difference between mechanical and vacuum advance? THANKS!
  8. 352 fe help! Help! Help!!!!!!

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    i have a 1966 Ford Galaxy LTD with a 352 FE. MSD distributor, coil, wires and 6AL ignition control. edelbrock performer 390 intake manifold. edelbrock victor series water pump. Holley mechanical fuel pump 110gph. Holley Double Pumper, not sure what size but the primary jet size is 67H and...
  9. Carburetor Venturi Size Question

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    I have a 63 Galaxie 500 4-door sedan with a 352, Cruise-O-Matic Auto. 2100 carb. The car is bone stock, and 99% original. The car runs well, though the power is a bit lacking from what I would expect out of a 352. I currently get about 10-12 MPG overall, (I tend to be heavy on the pedal). I...