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  1. Stroker Engines
    New member here... I have a 1996 ford f-150 xlt with the 351w in it. I want to lift the truck and do all that, but I need a mean street engine to put in it. I plan on doing a 408 stroker kit but I have no idea what kit to use, where to order it from, what heads to use, what cam to use, what...
  2. Ranchero Pages
    As my last thread ended; I accepted delivery of Scat 408 stroker kit for 79 Ranchero (4000 lb) with FMX auto. I am looking for a fun, torquey ride that I may drag race on occasion. Car is used at higher altitude ( @ 6000 ft above sea level) and will not see alot of high RPM stuff. I was...
1-2 of 2 Results