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  1. Explorer 5.0 swap

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hi so I've searched all over and haven't found the answers I need. I bought a 97 explorer with an auto and 5.0 for 500 bucks today runs and drives just needs a new windshield. Anyway I plan on swapping the motor into my 67 fairlane (I know this is the mustang pages but I figured I would get more...
  2. 1991 5.0 Ticking Sound

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I have a 1991 Mustang 5.0 engine that is being put into a 1964 Ranchero. The EFI has been replaced with a 4bbl carburetor and matching intake manifold. I have followed all the EFI to carb recommendations and so far everything is working out O.K. The donor engine was in pretty good shape...
  3. For Sale: 1993 GT 5.0 Convertible

    Mustang 1979-1995
    Hi there, I have an awesome, loud and fast 93 5.0 convertible for sale. 74k original miles, Los Angeles car, registered and smogged. CARFAX and NMVTIS multi-state vehicle history are available. The full story on the car is here: Mustang for Sale – 1993 5.0 GT Convertible | Wordomancy...
  4. 93 5.0 backfire, timing issue??

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    Hello everyone, I have a 93 5.0 mustang that is almost bone stock. I was driving down the road the other day and I was driving it hard so I stomped on the gas and it backfired pretty loud and shut down. I pulled off the side of the road and checked the cap, rotor, plugs and wires but didn't see...
  5. 63 fairlaine 5.0 swap

    Fairlane Pages
    so im helping out a freind on a restomod hes got a 63 fairlane 2 door with a seized up 260 v8 iv got a 5.0 originally out of a 1993 mustang but its in my recently written off f150 and we want to put it in to the fairlane other than the wireing for the ecu what all would be involved
  6. 302...Bogging at 1500 rpms

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a 65 galaxie 500 that the previous owner swapped a 302 5.0 that I belive came out of a Crown vic or a Marquis 84-85 ish.....My problem is that I get bogging at 1500 rpms nothing under or over..Only at 1500 rpms..Any ideas of where to start..Already changed plugs and wires, and fuel...
  7. TFS, Comp cams, FRPP cams

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I have read alot about peoples opions on tfs, comp cams, FRPP cams. Everyone says that E,B,F,X,Z cams are out dated. Ok there may be lots of GREAT cams out there for the LEGEND 302 5.0. But there are still some FORD funatics that eat,sleep,and breathe FORD. WE like to use ford parts in FORD...
  8. 1971 302

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey all. I have a quick question. I bought a 1968 f100 the other day that the previous owner had taken the inline six and replaced it with a 1971 mustang 302,c4 and posi-rear. The truck motor is beat but still has enough power to roast them a little. MY question is regarding the next step...
  9. Heidts M ll with Headers

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 65 falcon with a Heidts M ll IFS. I'm installing a 5.0 with a T5 tranny. Is there a direct bolt up for the headers. I've tried a set of fox body headers with no luck.
  10. What are these?

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    Im doing the final hookups before I turn this baby on, can anyone tell me what these are and where they go? Btw its an 88 5.0 fuel injected, cobra intake, A/C delete, no heater core, MSD coil...