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  1. Makin' Progress
    Hello all, Posting here looking for any tips on 60’s fords & advice. I am getting the new vinyl done for the seats and should have those seats back in a few days from now. The inline 6 is non leaky, clean, just doesnt provide any power. It is original, looking for any modification upgrades for...
  2. Fairlane Pages
    I just bought a Fairlane it’s a L code 221 Raven Black PS PB stock. Cool car. One thing it has is trim code 61 I have pic to prove it. I cannot find any information on this trim code it shows up nowhere Online. It is for sure trim code 61. What is that?
  3. Fairlane Pages
    Hello, I noticed a Fairlane for sale out in the country and stopped by to take a look. it was an older gentleman selling it saying he didn't want it anymore. I took a couple of pics and drove back home telling him ill call him and give him a price. i came home and decoded the vin and found out...
  4. Galaxie
    1967 Ford Galaxie 500 XL convertible for sale. Clearwater aqua blue exterior (W paint code) Black interior Bucket seats & center console Black electric convertible top 68,429 miles Ford Windsor V8 289 ci engine Three speed C4 automatic transmission Power steering Power brakes AM/FM Radio 15...
  5. Fairlane Pages
    So I just purchased a 66 Fairlane 500 not a GT. No engine in the car, however I do have a 390 I am going to put into it. There is only one problem I am completely new to this and need help understanding the limitations of this engine/build. i.e. can it be stroked while also having a...
  6. Fairlane
    1970 Ford Fairlane 500 For Sale. $5,500.00 *A true survivor/barn find. 46K miles. *Original, Red, 2 Dr.Coupe {tourino style body}. *Original Black Interior in Amazing Condition {headliner, padded dash, seats, door panels All Nice!}. *Very, Very, Little Rust {perhaps 6 small holes just on...
  7. Fairlane Pages
    I have an originaly raven black '63 Fairlane with a red interior which I'm restoring. So I'm wondering what colors were available for the stripe along the side of it. Does anyone here have any knowledge of the paint schemes used?
  8. Galaxie Pages
    I have a 1970 Ford Galaxie XL/500. Does anyone know where I can get rear quarter panels? I can find any. I also need a new trunk lid. Can anyone help me?
  9. Fairlane Pages
    I picked up my project a while back and have just begun to think about the interior stuff. The car is placed oddly in my garage and the drivers side door is next to a wall, and that door opens, but the passenger side door does not open at all, not even with the key to unlock it, the button just...
  10. Torino Pages
    Lets see how many people have "Halo Roof" editions only available in the spring of 1971. Please post color too. Mine is Ginger/Buckskin top, 351C engine
  11. Galaxie
    I have a 1967 Ford Custom 500. It is one of the Galaxie family but its a 2 door post. It is all original with the 390 motor and 4 speed transmission. Reads as having x85,000 miles. Only 18,146 of this body were made making this a VERY rare car. Only things it needs to be 100% complete are one...
  12. Torino Pages
    A while back I saw a vendor selling complete sets. I'm running 225/70-14 dog dish with trim ring right now. Looks good, but I want to plus up. Anybody know best place to buy them and with the Torino crest centers? Also, would love to hear your thoughts on tire sizes front and rear. I'm...
  13. Makin' Progress
    I just brought this home three days ago. The fever came back quickly and I had the interior laying in the yard within 24 hours. Non-original motor (still not sure WHAT it is - it's been a long time since my last 60's Ford), incorrect tranny, but correct rebuild in the trunk, fair to good shape...
1-13 of 13 Results