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66 galaxie

  1. ported vacuum switch location - 390 66 galaxie

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    hello all. I am putting my 390 (66 galaxie) back together and came across an "extra" part. I believe it is called a ported vacuum switch? I have seen these screwed into a thermostat housing before, but my therom housing does not have that opening. There does not seem to even be a hole left...
  2. power steering pump / water pump paint color

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    Hi all. I am restoring a 66 (390 if it matters) and looking for some help from the experts. Anyone know or have a factory correct motor to reference. 1. Was the water pump always painted? I "thought" mine was the original when pulled, and it was natural... rusted now... but no paint. 2. My...
  3. 66 galaxie core support

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    Hello all. Anyone holding on to a decent condition radiator core support for a 66 galaxie? In CA?? Willing to ship?? Surface rust no problem, just no rot please. I am in CA, so closer is obviously better for the drive--and shipping, do not even want to think about the cost...
  4. wtb, 66 galaxie rear pillar trim hood ornament, etc.

    Hello, mainly looking for the molded plastic part that sits between the door and the rear seat. Sorry, do not know exact name, but have seen it referred to as Pillar Trim Panels, or b pillar panel? It runs from the floor to the point where the door rear side meets the window. It is the...
  5. 1966 Galaxie 500 2dr fastback 289

    The car is a 3 speed cruise-o-matic, original engine with 75k miles. Runs and drives good, new wheels, tires, alternator, brake system, wheel bearings, bushings, seats and upholstery. No rust, body very straight, good condition. All chrome on the car looks good, the only problems are A) no a/c...