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  1. 1970 F100 Buyer Advice

    Truck Forum
    Looking at a 1970 F100 as a first time buyer. Was hoping for advice on what to look for/questions to ask. It will be my daily so I need it to be reliable. Found one for sale in my neighborhood with the following done to it: Rebuilt: V8 302, Heads New:. Weiend Street Warrior intake manifold...
  2. Any tips for dropping an 85 Fuel Tank?

    Mustang Pages (1979-1995)
    I'm about to drop the fuel tank in my 85 Coupe. Every time I drive the car, gas vapor fills the cabin and when standing near the fuel filler tube the fumes are very strong, with the gas cap on, of course. I've purchased every imaginable gasket, seal, and rubber part for the tank, including a new...