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  1. All Ford Techboard
    AOD, Fresh rebuild works in reverse, will go in drive but in about 10 seconds it stalls engine. A few days ago in didn't stall engine when put in manual first range. Today it stalled in manual and drive ranges, but not in reverse. Took valve body down, no gasket issues or debris in pan. Any...
  2. Fairlane Pages
    Hello all. I picked up a 69 sedan to replace my rusted out 68. I had previously installed an aod with headers into the old one but im trying to keep everything stock and easy with the 69 except for the transmission upgrade. Question is will the stock exhaust and y pipe clear the bell housing? I...
  3. C4 Transmissions
    i found a 87 aod trans for my 66 fairlane with a 1985 302 will it bolt right up where my c4 was or do i need to make modifications to anything?
  4. Galaxie Pages
    Well I am proud to say I built my 64 Galaxie XL ground up with my own two hands. I am at a fork in the road when it comes to that third member.... I rebuilt my 28 spline 3.25 gears when I though I was going to stay with the 289 sb. but.... Engine I ended up building a 408 roller...
  5. All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1991 F150 4x4 AOD with a 5.0 Recently did the mass air conversion with a 92 C3W computer, 93 mustang harness that I spliced into my truck. I did not pull the tranny to do the swap (I pulled the engine to do a mild build) The pinouts for the VSS on Mustang computer should be the same...
  6. Falcon Pages
    Hey guys wondering if you could help me out with a few things. I just bought a 1960 ford falcon with a 302 put in it along with a AOD transmission. The transmission is leaking and I am needing to put more fluid in it but im not sure where the hell to put it in.
  7. All Ford Techboard
    I've been reading a ton of posts on AOD swaps but they all are dealing with Mustangs. Anybody want to weigh in on a swap for a Torino.I'm sure they are very similar but just want to be sure. It has a 302 with a mild cam. The C4 (original) gave up the ghost this weekend. I have a 9" with 3.90ish...
  8. All Ford Techboard
    This is my firsttime doing this, I have never puller the aod tranny out of my 88 Tbird with a 302. I have ordered a new dorman flexplate and flex plate bolts from summit racing. I also have to pick up exhaust flange bolts, i am sure the ones on the custom exhaust will break when i try to...
  9. Drivetrain
    Ron morris crossmember. Got it with my TKO. It fit in the guys 65 fastback with this trans, he went from a AOD to a TKO, and used this with no issues. I obviously needed a different one. Would like 120 obo for it. Pretty much good as new, save a few bucks on this one. I know I'm new, I have good...
1-9 of 9 Results