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  1. Ford 9 inch Daytona Pinion Bearing Support

    Rear End Articles
    Hey there, I have 2 Daytona bearing supports, one is brand spanking new, and one has been kicking around race shops for we don’t know how long, we use it still today. However I noticed that the old bearing support has a larger rear bearing, and the standard front bearing. The new bearing...
  2. Spindle for a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello folks. So I am tackling my first real problem with my new toy. The passenger side front wheel was making noise and started to wobble like crazy. Pulled of the wheel and hub to discover the bearings pretty much destroyed themselves. The inner bearing race is free-spinning, but is currently...
  3. motor help! gold flakes in oil and seized motor

    Truck Forum
    Hey hopefully yall can help me. i have a 1993 ford f150 xlt. (ext cab 8' bed 4x4) with a 351 windsor motor. it was replaced before i bought it. it supposedly has about 100K miles on it. (trucks odom. says around 186k though so who knows--craigslist people tend to lie lol) anyway, i was driving...
  4. 1992 T-Bird 3.8L crank bearings offset

    All Ford Techboard
    This just seems odd... Are the crank bearings on '92 3.8L non-cs supposed to be offset by about 1/8 inch? I am teaching my son how to rebuild his engine himself due spun rod bearing at 200K miles on this car. We recently got this car used and have no idea what if anything was done to this...