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bench seat

  1. 1967 "C" Code.. Will start Parting out soon.

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I've picked up a complet 1967 "C" coded car. Base model, manual drum brake and no a/c bench seat car. I am finally getting ready to do the serious work on my '67 XL "Z" code that I should have done 10 years ago. I will be Cutting it apart for the roof, ALL floor pans and some support braces. BUT...
  2. Wanted-69 Torino/Fairlane Seats

    Need front buckets with tracks and rear bench seat for a 69 Torino Formal Roof not fastback.
  3. 1965 Falcon front bench seat

    looking for a front bench seat for a 1965 falcon Lompoc, Ca Thanks