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  1. Engine
    1971 351C Block, Crank, Heads, Pistons/Rods, Cam, Bearings, Lifters .030 block. .0010 under crank. All balanced, mag checked, fitted. W Exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds are available separately. What you see is what you get.
    $3,250 USD
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Please help clarify for me. A friend gave me a "390" long block to strip and build my stroked 390 out of so I would not have to use my matching numbers block original to my '67. Upon dismantling it, I checked the stroke and bore and sure enough, it is a 352,(3.5" stroke, 4.00 bore) not a 390...
  3. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    For sale is an original Ford Galaxie 390 cylinder block. The block was hot dipped at one point, and has since only accumulated a very light layer of surface rust in a few areas from sitting. This block was bought by the previous owner of my Galaxie, and he intended on using it for a numbers...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    I'm building an 8-71 blown 427 FE @ 482 cuin. My iron block has too many problems to survive. Who makes the best aluminum block: Genesis, Pond, Shelby, Dove, or someone else? Good points / bad points? Any tips; I've never built an Aluminum engine before - lots of iron ones though. Thanks in...
  5. All Ford Techboard
    Folks, Just got my '80 302 block back from machine shop and am installing water/oil block plugs. If I remember correctly, the cam bore plug installs cup side in, opposite the way water jacket freeze plugs install. But how deep does it go in? Does it go deep enough to contact the rear cam...
1-5 of 5 Results