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  1. All Ford Techboard
    Hi guys, I am creating this post in hopes of getting some solid advice. So here's the deal … I have a 1993 Bronco with a 351W & a E4OD and we're at 276K miles. Recently the passenger side exhaust manifold cracked in half. Needless to say this created a huge exhaust leak and the heat burned up...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1982 Bronco with a 351W that needs a new cam. What kind of cam is in the engine? I've called around to a few parts stores one tells me its a hydraulic lifter and the other says its a solid lifter. I'm just looking for a factory replacement. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Other Parts
    I have a ton of 73-79 parts including some hard to find stuff(crew cab parts,4 speed TILT column,etc). I also have the basics(motors,tranny,axles,grilles,body and interior parts and the little stuff that nobody wants to take off. Ive stripped a few trucks recently and have one more to...
1-3 of 3 Results