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  1. Galaxie Pages
    I a 1964 Galaxie that someone swapped some seats into I know the front are thunderbird but I'm unsure of the back and the year. Any help appreciated!
  2. Interior Articles
    Are the bucket seat frames the same in a 1963 galaxie XL compared to a 1964 galaxie XL? If they are, is it possible for me to order new foam and new upholstery set for a 63 galaxie XL? Will it work on the 64 frames? Any information would be greatly appreciated, I have a 1963 1/2 Galaxie XL and...
  3. Torino Pages
    I am trying to find a bench seat or bucket seats for a 71 Torino GT Convertible. Currently has bench which is what I would prefer, but at this point anything will do. If they are buckets, I would need the brackets to go with.
  4. Galaxie Pages
    Does the bucket seats in a fastback have a carpeted square on it in the back? Anyone have any pics of one I can reference ? Square like about 12x16 or so located behind the backrest of the bucket facing the back seat
  5. Galaxie Pages
    Anyone on here know if seat cover set for a 63 500xl fastback from Dearborn will work on my marauder? Does a galaxie have the carpeted square on the back of the front seat like my Marauder? Measures bout 12 or 10 by maybe 16? I'm thinking they are the exact same seats with maybe only different...
  6. Wanted
    Need front buckets with tracks and rear bench seat for a 69 Torino Formal Roof not fastback.
  7. Galaxie Pages
    I have a 1969 Ford Fairlane that i bought about a year and a half ago. Well when i bought it, it had a 64 galaxie center console. It is waaaaaaay to wide for my car so i am needing to get rid of it, because i obviously have no use for it haha, and because i simply just need a lil extra cash...
  8. Falcon Pages
    What are some great fitting modern buckets for a 64 Convertible? Need some ideas on what will fit well into a convertible as I'm 6'3" and need the legroom. Any type of modifications needed? Open to all suggestions!
1-8 of 8 Results