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  1. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I've picked up a complet 1967 "C" coded car. Base model, manual drum brake and no a/c bench seat car. I am finally getting ready to do the serious work on my '67 XL "Z" code that I should have done 10 years ago. I will be Cutting it apart for the roof, ALL floor pans and some support braces. BUT...
  2. Drivetrain
    If you are near the Central Texas Area (Killeen, Fort Hood). I have some parts that may be of interest to you. C-4 Transmission out of 1965 Ford Falcon $100 T-5 Transmission Non World Class $500 9in rear end out of 1969 Torino $75 If interested call or txt: seven60 792 three361 T-5 pic
  3. All Ford Techboard
    Hello all, I am in the market for a torque converter for a 78 C4 automatic, a case filled unit. It is going into a 68 Fairlane with the following combo. The new engine is a 302 with 9:2:1 compression, GT-40p heads, a 204/214 (@ .050) duration .448/.472 lift cam, Hi-Po exhaust manifolds with...
  4. C4 Transmissions
    In my '67 Mustang coupe straight six the transmission is dowshifting way too soon. If you go onto the gas very softly and gently you can be okay but if you hit the gas a little to hard and downshifts and sticks in full rpms for a while. eventually it comes out by itself but its a huge problem...
  5. Drivetrain
    I have a super street fighter trans for sale 800 miles on it shifted great ran fine when pulled, going to a tko and no longer need this, really need it gone, 500 plus shipping from 72616. Email me at [email protected]
  6. All Ford Techboard
    I've been reading a ton of posts on AOD swaps but they all are dealing with Mustangs. Anybody want to weigh in on a swap for a Torino.I'm sure they are very similar but just want to be sure. It has a 302 with a mild cam. The C4 (original) gave up the ghost this weekend. I have a 9" with 3.90ish...
1-6 of 6 Results