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c4 ford transmission

  1. 65’ Galaxie FX to C4 swap (UPDATE: C6 swap)

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi All, I just pulled a FX dual range out of a 65 Galaxie 500XL Conv. early this week. Transmission would slip out of park with a stiff breath of wind and, from the stories I have been reading on here, seems to be a common theme among these trannys. Also seemed like it dropped 3rd gear...
  2. Fake Dyno Tests?

    C4 Transmissions
    I bought a rebuilt transmission $899 from a well known supplier. The transmission was a C4 built by TCI. I went to install the transmission and the slip yoke would not fit. The brand new out of the box Spicer slip yoke would not fit even after I removed the tail shaft housing. A new bushing out...