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  1. Need to know what I'm going to have to change to make my C4 work

    C4 Transmissions
    Ok, so here is the deal, my wife saw a 79' Futura that she wanted that was in fair condition. It was owned by a 88 year old man who was the second owner and it only had 54k on it. Needless to say I paid the man and trailered it home and have been piecing it together since then. After a tune up...
  2. High-Reverse clutch apply issue

    C4 Transmissions
    Rebuilt my own C4, found existing mods inside. Now it appears that I have an issue with high/reverse clutch apply (slips in reverse and drive only). I had no problems prior to my rebuild. How can I determine if this issue is in the valve body or if I damaged a seal inside the trans? I don't...
  3. C4 Rebuild Gone Wrong

    C4 Transmissions
    Help! I have an older C4 transmission which was working fine in my 64 Falcon behind my 5.0 but I decided to freshen it up. I installed a B&M Trans Kit #BMM-50231 and a B&M Torque Master torque convertor #BMM-50441. While installing the transmission kit, I followed the instructions for the...