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c4 transmission

  1. what rear end size for a c5

    C4 Transmissions
    i have a 66 fairlane with a 302, a c5 , and a 2.80 rear end, the motor is built with a cam, exhaust, carb, intake, i also have a shift kit and a high stall converter. i want a 3.23 rear end but i can only find 3.55 for ford 8 inch rear axles. what rpms would i be at on the freeway at 70 with...
  2. c4 to aod conversion

    C4 Transmissions
    i found a 87 aod trans for my 66 fairlane with a 1985 302 will it bolt right up where my c4 was or do i need to make modifications to anything?
  3. c4 reverse wont work

    C4 Transmissions
    Hello everybody! Yesterday when i started up my 1966 ford fairlane the reverse wouldn't work after moving 15 feet it just stopped while doing a Y turn. I decided to trouble shoot, The trans fluid was good, the linkages were all nice and hooked up good and the car worked in all three forward...
  4. C4 to manual swap

    C4 Transmissions
    What would I need to do to swap a c4 to a 4 speed toploader in a 1966 ford fairlane what modifications to the body would need to be done to do so? Is there brackets for the clutch pedal and would i have to modify the body at all? Thank You!
  5. C4 into 1964 Fairlane

    Fairlane Pages
    Hey all, I'm new to the forums so please go easy on me. I'm putting a 289 with a C4 into my '64. I'm completely in the dark about which motor mounts and crossmember mounts to use, as well as which crossmember would be the proper fit. I'm very much an amateur so if you have any advice aside...
  6. C4 Transmission Shudders 1st-2nd

    C4 Transmissions
    So my trans started acting up about 3 months ago. The transmission can't decide if it wants to be in 1st or 2nd gear when rolling slowly from idle to slight throttle. It shudders/ clunks back and forth from 1st-2nd. This would occur between 8-12 mph and usually on a slight incline. I took it...
  7. C4 warm up time needed/what is the problem?

    C4 Transmissions
    I got a 1965 mustang which I think it may or may not have morning sickness. I have read the previous forums on morning sickness and everyone that has had it says drive wont engage first time the engine is started up and they have to let it warm up a bit before "drive" engages. Mine I can start...
  8. 1964 C4 to 1971 302 compatibility question

    C4 Transmissions
    Can I use a 1966 C4 (C6DP date code) with a 1971 302 engine. I am looking at a transmission and it comes with flex plate torque converter etc. It is what came out of my project but a new motor going in. Am I going to run into any trouble, I know the spline count changed in 1970, but as long as...
  9. C4 from 300cid to 302 swap what do I need?

    C4 Transmissions
    I have a 1971 302 V8 and am looking at getting a 1979 C4 from a 300cid straight six. I was wondering do I need a flex plate and torque converter? Can I use the torque converter etc. with the V8 from the straight 6 or would I need to find one that was originally used with a 302? The 302 came...
  10. almost reliable

    Galaxie Pages
    I almost have this thing running. About every 10 miles something else pops up to fix. I drove my 67 galaxie with 351w w/c4 to work and back (15 miles each way). I have test driven it around the block a few times with no problems. It drove beautifully. c4 was a little strange to get used to...