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  1. Engine Articles
    Okay so i have a 64 falcon im currently in the middle of doing a swap from a 200 6cyl to a 302, the 302 i have is out of an 84 grand marquis and originally has a 164 tooth 50oz flexplate I have the engine in the falcon now and im planning on putting a c4 in behind it the C4 i have has a 157...
  2. C4 Transmissions
    hey everyone, building a 54 F100 (first build with my father in law so thanks for the patience) and may have a few issues. I recently had my C4 trans rebuilt. its behind a ford 302. While in park and hitting the gas the engine RPMs increase and sound completely appropriate. however, once put...
  3. C4 Transmissions
    hi i have a 64 ford falcon (289 & c4 trans) with a column shifter. i been procrastinating the installation of my used Vmatic hurst shifter that i bought used at a car show. i recently purchased a 3 foot long cable but i am unsure if its the correct one for my application. any ideas? i want to...
1-3 of 3 Results