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c6 trans
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    My 66 7 litre C6 transmission is leaking from a few different spots: shift seal, pan and rear seal. I'm trying not to pull the transmission out of the car so I was wondering if anyone has done these replacements while the transmission is still in the car? The shifter lever looks pretty close...
  2. Engine
    I have some 460 goodies for sale to help fund a different rebuild. They are from a 1971 Lincoln motor Dove-c heads ported to match intake Offenhauser port-o-sonic high rise intake Powered by ford valve covers C6 transmission These parts have been in storage for 10 years so there's a little...
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    Just acquired my first Galaxie, a 64 convertible with non-stock 427 and C6 trans. From Neutral, she slams hard into Reverse and mildly hard into Drive. Idle RPM about 650. Is this normal? If not, any suggestions for possible cause and fix much appreciated. Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results