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  1. Transmission Articles
    Hi everyone, I own a 1971 Lincoln Mark 3, 460 engine with C6 transmission, got its transmission rebuilt 2 months ago because of bad seals, so I decided "well, might as well have a full proper rebuilding while I'm here" Replaced all the seals, o-rings, clutch plates and steel disks, bands and so...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    Hey all. I have a C6 Cruise-O-Matic transmission in my 1966 Thunderbird and I cannot physically select the D1 (second position up from low) or low gear. I can put it in park, neutral, reverse, and D2, and when selected, the pointer on the column is lined up with the appropriate gear. I have also...
  3. Transmission Articles
    Hello I have a 1971 Thunderbird with a C6 cruise-o-matic in it. I know these transmissions call for type F fluid but the previous owner put Dexron II in it. The question is: Are Mercon/Dexron II tranny fluids backwards compatible with type F or do I have to drain it and replace it? Thanks!
  4. Galaxie Pages
    While my 65 LTD 390 runs and drives decent, the engine has enough blow-by and exhaust header leaks that I need to go through a usual rebuild. Being a 65, it has the MX column shift transmission (C5MP-7006-A case, tag PCE-BK matches this setup). I have two other FE pattern C6 transmission (1967...
1-4 of 4 Results