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  1. 460 Help please. New to this.

    Drag Racing
    Alright guys. I'm looking for some general help. I've got a 71 Lincoln Mark III, 460, c4 trans, basically stock. But not really. Bought it from a guy who bought it from my father one month before I was born. I'd like to drag race this car one day, It's big, and heavy, and I want it to be a...
  2. Need to know .... Cam timing effects on 351 stroker

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi ive read all that i could find on cam timing but its hard for me to see if it also makes a difference to my returning problem ..... I have a slight knock when i really floor it eigther down the track or when i pull a 3. gear burnout. After my own opinion ive build a pretty powerful engine...
  3. Adjustable rocker arms?

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a mild hydraulic cam & just installed aluminum heads and intake on my 390. Some of my push rods aren't spinning at TDC. Should I get adjustable rocker arms?
  4. 71 f100 4x4 360 fe

    Street Rod Forum
    Hello everybody, I've been in kind of a pickle. My truck has a great running 360 with flow tech headers on it and that's about it. It has original tran being a 4 speed gr gear. 32 inch tires stock rear end. Now that you know what I'm dealing with I have a few questions. I am building a motor...
  5. almost 390 rebuild gone bad

    Galaxie Pages
    been working on my 68 galaxie for 2 years now....just totally rebuilt engine and put it it to run long enough to break in my cam...all of the sudden it quit firing and the sound of the engine turning over changed...i figured points were process of checking , noticed...
  6. New in box Cam/Lifters 284/284, 0.554/0.554

    Crane Cams 133052 I'd like to get $110 plus actual cost of shipping from 23321. Any takers? This cam is brand new in box and includes the hydraulic lifters. It's for a 351 Cleveland, and others listed below: At SUMMIT it'll cost you $189.00. Again, brand new in box cam and lifters...
  7. 390 2V cam

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello, I’d like to replace original (but worn) C7AZ-6250-A cam in 390 FE with two barrel carb (2V). I am rebuilding the engine these days and I want to keep her in original numbers matching condition. But I cannot find any online shop with identical cam, even further shop with Ford numbered...
  8. What upgrades are worth it on a 260?

    Falcon Pages
    This is sort of a preliminary thread to get a feel for what might might actually be worth doing and what's probably not on the 260 in my '64 2-door granny roof. Currently, it's a stock (AFAIK) 260 w/2100 2-barrel. It's exhaling through a 2.something" dual exhaust backed up by a T-10 and a...
  9. Best way to install cam bore plug?

    All Ford Techboard
    Folks, Just got my '80 302 block back from machine shop and am installing water/oil block plugs. If I remember correctly, the cam bore plug installs cup side in, opposite the way water jacket freeze plugs install. But how deep does it go in? Does it go deep enough to contact the rear cam...
  10. 1973 Windsor 2V

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys first post and first Ford. I am currently building a 1946 ford f-100 hot rod pickup. I bought the truck the 1973 351W in it. From what I understand the windsor is the desired block and the cleavland has the desired heads. I however do not want to build a clevor. So this is what...
  11. Where to start Rebuilding? 351C 4V

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hey all, I am rebuilding a 351C 4V. I have never built an engine so I have no idea where to start. I am having the block and heads vatted and magnafluxed right now, but when I get them back I dont know where to start. It seems like everything (i.e. cam, pistons, rods...etc) are all dependant on...