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  1. Engine Articles
    Hi, im having a big question, can i put a comp cam XE284H cam in a completely stock 302???, 541, 544 lift and 284,296 duration, its not going to be permanently, just for a few weeks, until my new heads and other parts arrive, i want to do this as a brake in period, so the cam can settle down...
  2. Engine Articles
    Im looking for ideas for a good camshaft for a 351w with a high rise intake, headers, procomp heads, and a t5 (don’t know the rear gears because I’m still compiling the parts for the trans swap) The guy I bought the heads for said it was set up for a flat tappet with max lift of .500”. The cars...
  3. Engine Articles
    Hello guys! I’m new on here. I’m 16 and have been into cars forever. My dad is 21 years seniority as a ford technician. i recently purchased a 289 as my first project! I’m planning on making this motor live up in the top end as they aren’t great in torque anyways and with the short stroke I...
  4. Engine Articles
    Hey guys, I just picked up a new old stock Sig Erson racing cam that was missing the cam card, and I can’t find any specs on it. Can anyone help? Box says grind 2000x, cam is stamped 2005x. Trying to find lsa and if it’s hydraulic of solid lifters. Thank you. Here are some pictures
1-4 of 4 Results