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  1. Galaxie Pages
    I have a 1968 Galaxie 500 with a 390 that has a 2bbl intake and carb. I'm about to buy a 4bbl intake for it to help it breathe better. I have been looking into a Demon carb that is equipped with electric choke. My 2bbl that is on there (a Tomco remanufactured from my employer Oreilly's) is...
  2. Falcon Pages
    So here is my carb: imgur: the simple image sharer The air intake mount is cracked . so I am looking for a replacement. I have a 3 speed S/T on a 1968 170 engine. I am trying to determine if the highlighted potion in my picture needs to match the replacement. I was thinking about buying ...
  3. All Ford Techboard
    Hi guys, So i recently installed a 408 stroker in my 1966 ford custom 500. The motor was ran on a dyno and performed great. I put it In my car and installed a 750ss quick fuel carb, summit ready to run billet distributor, ran it around for a little bit doing the standard brake in procedures...
1-3 of 3 Results