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  1. Pump gas on static compression of 12.5:1

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    Hey everyone I am building a 351 cleveland with 4v closed chamber heads. I had some flat top pistons on my first build and now want to try pop up pistons to raise the compression to around 12.5. I have heard that if you run a big enough cam and your dynamic compression is below 8:1, you can run...
  2. 351 Cleveland questions

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    Ok this is what is going on, I am rebuilding a 351 cleveland, I have a four bolt main block from a '72, I have pistons from a '72 with a dish in them and I am putting forged flat top pistons in with the stock (apparently '70) 4v closed heads which will hopefully result in a compression ratio of...
  3. Cleveland Quench Heads and 4-V Edelbrock Package!

    I have a really nice set of 351- Cleveland four barrel Quench heads. These are D1 castings, and dated within one day of each other! Heads have never been milled or cut. Just a super nice set of original quench heads. Also have a super nice Edelbrock 4-V dual plane intake to go with the...