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  1. Ram Clutch Kit

    I have a RAM clutch kit from Mustangs Unlimited that was mounted to a flywheel but never run. It's brand new. It is for a 1986 to 2001 4.6/5.0 L Mustang with a TKO tranny and 10-1/2" clutch. Mustangs Unlimited is currently selling this kit on sale for $210. Their normal price is $245. I'm...
  2. Speedmaster/Procomp Flywheel

    All Ford Techboard
    I’m well aware of all the negative comments about Procomp products but I’ve also read some positives comments as well. I’m looking at these two flywheels for a 351W making about 375 hp and wondering if anyone has had direct experience with them. They are both SFI rated which I find surprising...
  3. 250 Flywheel - what others will work? (300? 302?)

    All Ford Techboard
    I'm building a 2nd 250-powered Lemons car because I'm clearly incapable of making good decisions. Anyway, I need to source a flywheel to hang off the formerly AT-equipped 250 I've got. It appears no parts supplier sells replacements. My understanding is the I6s are internally (or inherently)...
  4. cable hydraulic clutch 68 fairlane

    Fairlane Pages
    I am installing a toploader 4 speed and a 351c in a 68 fairlane. I have found a billet flywheel and a centerforce 11" clutch setup for my tranny. Now i have to figure a way to activate my clutch. I have seen some setups that are cable and some that are hydraulic. I dunno which way to go and what...
  5. Low clutch pedal - 63 Galaxie

    Galaxie Pages
    Greetings! I'm having problems with my cluth pedal. Although the engine/transmission/pressure plate and clutch are all fairly "new" (less than 10,000 very easy miles), the amount of "pedal" available has dropped to just a couple of inches off of the floorboard. It's a 63 galaxie that was...
  6. My car's eating throwout bearings...why?

    Falcon Pages
    Bought this thing 2 years and ~20k miles ago. When I bought it, I thought it needed a clutch, but all it needed was a throwout bearing. I ended up doing the whole job because I bought the whole clutch kit from Now after only 15k miles the T/O is starting to whine and grab...
  7. GT500 Clutch

    Drag Racing
    I think the clutch is gone. Went to local track Sunday in Shelby GT500 with Whipple 2.9 (stock clutch), 726 RWHP. Have already done rear end work. Launched @ 5000 RPM and the clutch slipped. When I got back to cool the car off it was shifting very poorly. Now it will not go into gear when...
  8. Help! Z-Bar mount came off

    Falcon Pages
    As I put the clutch in at a stop sign, heard a big BANG and the car was stuck in gear, but the pedal was halfway down. Swung it into a parking lot and stalled it with the brakes...actually a decent parking job for have 5 seconds from failure to stall-parked with manual steering and brakes :)...