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  1. For Sale Clear

    Pristine survivor but with fresh undercarriage. 1970 GT C cove 429SCJ C6. One of four built with this drivetrain. runs and drives perfectly.
    $80,000 USD
  2. All Ford Techboard
    Hi there. I have a 64 Galaxie 500 coupe, the engine was replaced and was told it was a CJ, but I'm not convinced, since I was finally able to get the #s of the block. They are: D1VE 6015 A The cyl. head # is: D0VE - C Please help on figuring it out. Thanks guys! -FDC
  3. All Ford Techboard
    Help! I have a 428cj with a adual carb setup. I am running 2 4150 holleys. I am down to purchasing a distributor. I can find one that the bowl won't hit the front of my carb. I have tried a mallory 5505301 and MSD models 8594 and 8595. None of the 3 worked. Any suggestions? I don't want to...
  4. Torino
    Ford Torino Cobra. "J code" ram air. This is a original 429 Cobra Jet, with factory Ram Air. Original engine, heads, intake, disk brakes, - most part are original. 4 Speed factory top loader, original interior – seats are torn, headliner bad, has Ribbon Tach, all lights and electrical system...
  5. Engine
    1968 CJ 428 Engine for sale. .030 over, approx. 11:1 comp. under 10k miles. complete short block only. Asking $2150. Other Ford engines and parts available. 208-452-2161 Larry.
  6. Torino
    I have a 1970 torino Cobra that is Calypso Corral with black interior. The car was repainted about five years ago with the single stage paint and has not been color sanded and buffed yet. All the original interior is in the car and in good shape. I took out the carpet to replace and the front...
1-6 of 6 Results