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  1. Engine Articles
    Hello all, I’m a boat guy over a car guy and was looking for some more information. Our boat has twin 427 ford engines which according to my reading appear to be side oilers. I know the racing heritage if these motors and have always been fascinated to have 2 of them just as a talking point. We...
  2. Torino Pages
    Still desperate looking for a left side front torque box for a 69 Torino Cobra fastback. I have a new right hand side from the after market which is still available but the left side is no longer made and now obsolete. Any help appreciated, $100 reward for the person who finds me one on top of...
  3. Mustang Pages (1996-2004)
    I have a stock 2001 Cobra that needs a clutch (throw out bearing is screeming) and I wanted to get an opinion on swapping in an aluminum flywheel. It has a stock rear end gear set which I'm planning on keeping. Thanks for the help, my first post to the forum. Tom
  4. Car Show and Track Pics
    Good news for our Chicagoland area Shelby enthusiasts. It seems as if a Chicago area Shelby American Automobile Club is (re)born! Windy City SAAC Inaugural Meet @ Autobahn Country Club Joliet Directions here: Spring Get Together at the Autobahn...
  5. Engine
    We have a 66 427 for sale. It is a standard bore standard crank. Never been in a car its whole life, was at H/M but never used by them. Has correct dual point, single 4 intake. It is a solid lift engine, there is a welded H on the back and according to mustangtek it would have been used in...
  6. Engine
    Hey I have some GT40 heads with 134,xxx miles on em no cracks. good valves, I'll ship with paypal payment. PM me
  7. Engine
    1968 CJ 428 Engine for sale. .030 over, approx. 11:1 comp. under 10k miles. complete short block only. Asking $2150. Other Ford engines and parts available. 208-452-2161 Larry.
  8. Mustang 1979-1995
    1989 Mustang LX was 4 cly 5 speed PROJECT CAR Roller $1375 obo Mustang LX, 5 speed body, rolling 4 nice wheels and good tires, good brakes, body and insides in good shape, Black seats, CLEAR TITLE ready for you to build, had a 4cly-5 speed, so dump a V8 in and get CHEAP in...
  9. Torino
    I have a 1970 torino Cobra that is Calypso Corral with black interior. The car was repainted about five years ago with the single stage paint and has not been color sanded and buffed yet. All the original interior is in the car and in good shape. I took out the carpet to replace and the front...
  10. The Garage
    Ok guys I have an 01 mustang gt I just put on a cattless xpipe and it sounds terrible one of the flanges was bent so I had it cut off and a new one put on over it and I'm gonna get it welded tomorrow but I thought that was y it sounded bad but this morning the check engine light came on so I had...
1-10 of 12 Results