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  1. Choke, Fuel Pump, and Coil...same relay?

    Maverick Pages
    So I'm new to these forums, but neither my brother or me are wiring experts and need a little help finishing up the 302 swap into my 70 Maverick. Right now we have the coil, choke, and fuel pump all wired up to a temporary toggle switch just so we could hear the car run and make carb and timing...
  2. Mallory Promaster coil /mount

    Ignition and Electrical
    Very good shape.Hardly used.Comes w/ mount.Price incl s&h..$60.00.. [email protected] for pic 908-788-3769
  3. Electronic Ignition Help, Please

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi, First off, I am dealing with a 65', 390 cu.. I am changing to a Pertronix electronic distributor and flamthrower coil. The wiring chart shows the red wire from the dist. going to the (+) on the coil along with an ignition hot also going to the (+) on the coil. It shows the black wire...