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  1. All Ford Techboard
    My car will be used primarily on the street. I am building a carbureted 302 with 1970 smaller chamber 351W heads (D0OE-C). I have polished the combustion chambers to avoid any hot spots and carbon build up. Cam is the 271 K-code spec with 228 Int, 227 Exh duration at .050" and 114 LSA. My...
  2. Falcon Pages
    Saw these on ebay: Ford early 289 Heads, Tiger,Mustang,Falcon,Galaxy,etc - eBay (item 280563264326 end time Feb-13-11 18:07:37 PST) Which offer one of the few ways to get a bump in compression ratio in a 260 over the stock 8.8:1 CR. By my math, going from 54.5cc combustion chambers to 49.2cc...
1-2 of 2 Results