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  1. Transmission Conversion

    Torino Pages
    I have a 1971 Ford Torino GT. 5.8L 351C Auto. I have swapped out the hood and added a shaker. I have always wanted to change the transmission to manual. I need some help. I'm unsure of what transmission I need. I read plenty that say a T5 from a fox body Mustang will fit perfectly. I've also...
  2. 65 falcon master cyl., interchange, conversion

    Falcon Pages
    i just bought a 65 falcon. its got a 1970 falcon disc brake setup on front and i need to know what master cylinder will fit (dual resivoir) for manual brakes, and what prepotioning valve should i use? i got a new master cyl for a 1970 falcon with disc fronts and drum rears, but cant get rod out...
  3. 56 F100 between-the-rails gas tank conversion

    Truck Forum
    I have a 56 F100 that I inherited from Dad. It has a good running 272, but has no gas tank. I would like to get the pickup on the road and then sell my 01 Supercrew. Old stuff is cooler and more fun to drive. Inside the cab gas tanks don't bother me, but everything associated with the gas tank...
  4. t5 conversion clutch

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Got a 65 fairlane with mustang i6. Tryin to convert it to a t5 and was wonderin if i used the existing clutch, flywheel etc or the one from the 302?
  5. Question can I Upgrade to Dual Calipers on a P71

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello iv,e been wondering is it possible to upgrade to a Dual Caliper Larger Brake pad Like on the front on my 04 P71 Crown Vic and if so can someone explain what's all involved in Doing it thanks Gang
  6. Better fit for disc brake conversion

    Galaxie Pages
    I am ready to tackle the disc brake conversion on my 65 Galaxie convertible. I have access to a 78 t-bird and a 70 ltd. Which would be the better candidate for my swap
  7. Throttle pedal/linkage conversion question

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello, I would like to modify the gas/throttle linkage in my 68 Fairlane to a cable operated system. Anybody done this in this (or similar) model car? If so, what parts did you use? I have been looking at some of the Lokar products and generic versions, but I'm not sure if the universal...