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  1. Engine
    Hey y’all I’m trying to figure out a parts list for a mild 1969 351w build (less than 350hp) but I’ve never built an engine before. I’m 17 so I would like to do this as inexpensively as possible while still building a strong reliable engine. My list (let me know what y’all would add/change)...
  2. Thunderbird Pages
    Alright boys I'm finally posting here for help. Time to lay it all out for you.:frown2: I've owned a '78 XR-7 for about 6 years. 65k all original miles, 351w, FMX trans. Everything is stock except for an air cleaner upgrade, a new radiator, the plugs/wire kit I put on, a distributor, and an OEM...
  3. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I'm in need of new cylinder heads for my 69 cougar with a 351w engine, 600 cfm holley carb and aod transmission. What would be the best car to use as a donor car to replace my currently damaged cylinder heads with. Will any car with a 351w work regardless of model any year. Or should i even use...
  4. Body and Exterior
    I need a good cowl for 71-73 Mustang or Cougar. Mine is rusted out pretty bad, top is real bad, bottom is repairable. Preferred from factory A/C car, but I think the top panel is the same. Let me know what you have with pictures please, inside and out. Thanks, Curtis
  5. The Garage
    I have a 1976 Mercury Cougar xR7. Curently working on rebuilding the motor, changing from a 351M to a 400. I am looking for headers that will fit the engine and car. Who has them? Where should I look? Any tips?
1-5 of 5 Results