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  1. Engine Articles
    I have a 351w which I bought which needs a refresh, and the crank has some major blemishes, if I buy a 3.75 stroker crankshaft and use STOCK 302 pistons and 351w rods would the cr be low enough to run pump gas I know the 393 stroker using 3.85 crank and using 302 pistons need at least a 22cc...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    So to start off Im new to building engines, and this is the first engine I have even attempted to rebuild. I have no mechanical background, no schooling, just what my grandpa and the internet has taught me. I took the engine all apart cleaned the block got an edelbrock top end kit, rotating...
  3. Engine
    Just bought a 1971 Windsor I found in a guys yard, almost complete. I only want the block so I'm selling the following for $375.00 OBO for everything: -heads -intake manifold -distributer -automatic transmission -connecting rods -oil pan -oil pump -crankshaft -exhaust manifolds -starter -power...
  4. Advertiser Announcements
    Hey everyone. Just wanted to make sure you knew about our most current special! We have thousands of Engine Kit Combinations to choose from, we're sure to have exactly what you're looking for! Shipping on any engine kit is just $39.99 and all shipping prices across the board have been lowered...
1-4 of 4 Results