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  1. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hey guys I bought the Helix Mustang II IFS kit for my 66 coupe and I need help with the measurements. The instructions are really vague and don't give the proper measurements to cut the front suspension cross member and the top hats. Its a universal kit and like I said the instructions aren't...
  2. Transmission Articles
    Hey, guys, I'm new to the site and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a '65 Fairlane Sport Coupe 500 transmission crossmember. I've searched all over and can't seem to find one. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Auto Metal Direct
    Now Available - Trunk Floor Cross Brace - Rear - 61-64 Galaxie Part# 870-8963 Retail: $149.99 Reproduction rear trunk floor cross brace for the 1961-64 Ford Galaxie. Made like OE, this cross brace welds to the bottom of the trunk floor, on the rear edge. Stamped from high quality OE gauge...
  4. Galaxie Pages
    I have seen lots of questions about transmission crossmembers and how to reverse them if you are installing a C6, etc.. I never knew mines was reversible until I had it out a few months ago. I picked up a spare crossmember and it is the kind that is not reversible. I thought I'd post pictures...
  5. Galaxie Pages
    Hi all, I've noticed there's a lot on the forums here about putting a C6 into a galaxie by turning around the crossmember, getting a newer model crossmember, or just scooting it back and fabbing your own. I haven't found anything yet on a convertible crossmember. I've noticed they are different...
  6. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I'm seeking the L-bracket that sits on top of the radiator cross member on the passenger side, and mounts to the inner fender. I'm confident that even the most picked-over parts cars still have this bracket. Not sure if it's correct for other models, but I'm restoring a 1964 Galaxie. Minimal...
1-6 of 6 Results