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  1. 1964 cruise o matic rear Main question

    Galaxie Pages
    My rear Main seal is leaking in my 64 Galaxie cruise-o-matic, the car has a 289, I will be renting a lift bay for this job. My question is will 4 hours at this lift bay be enough? I've never done this type of work and the guy helping out has never worked on the 289/cruise-o-matic but has done it...
  2. My Cruise-O-Matic Rebuild Thread

    Galaxie Pages
    So, I decided to take out my 1966 Cruise-O-Matic transmission and see what I could do for it as far as a re-build! I was going to go with an AOD, but then I wanted to go with a 4R70W. I built a 4R70W and then I had to relocate due to work and the new transmission has sat. Now since I am...
  3. Need Help, 351w and Cruise-O-matic C4

    Falcon Pages
    So I have a 1965 Falcon 2dr with a 170 I6. I have a decided to swap a 351w from a 93 Bronco (converted back to Carb). I'm a little confused about what bell housing I need since I have 164t flywheel. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. 1964 Convertible Galaxie C6 Swap

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all, I've noticed there's a lot on the forums here about putting a C6 into a galaxie by turning around the crossmember, getting a newer model crossmember, or just scooting it back and fabbing your own. I haven't found anything yet on a convertible crossmember. I've noticed they are different...
  5. Leak Quest after Winter Break

    Galaxie Pages
    Does the Cruise-O-Matic tend to leak after sitting 5 Month in Garage? Not long ago I´d let overhaul the Tranny with new Oil Pan Gasket and O Ring on Filler Tube and Shifter far so good... Parked the Gal in Nov. 2014 for Winter Sleep. Now in 2015 had awoken the Beast and there was...
  6. Need Advice about trannys. 65fxm to a ?5x

    C4 Transmissions
    Ok long story short i needed a tran. 65 galaxie with a fxm cruiseomatic it has a removable aluminum bell housing, iron center section and cast tailshaft. Ok ive acquired another trans from same year galaxie except its a column shift and it doesnt have the iron center its all cast with no...
  7. considering purchase. 66 LTD 390. questions.

    Galaxie Pages
    Hello. I am new and seeking assistance. I sold a 65 galaxie about 15 years ago, and have been looking for a 65/66 since. Have been out of cars for years, so trying to determine a number of things before purchasing again. I came across a 66ltd, all original with the only rust around the...
  8. Tranny cooling lines

    C4 Transmissions
    I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Futura - Inline six 200 w/ a C4 Cruise-o-Matic 3spd. Trans. Does anyone know where I can get cooling lines? (i.e. Websites or any places in or round the Seattle area)
  9. cruise o matic help

    Galaxie Pages
    im gettin a 66 tbird cruise o matic. from what i hear its most likely a floor shift. but my 64 gal is on the tree. how do i make it bolt up? pics on the conversion? also is the 66 tbird cruise o matic a green dot? hard to find info on this trans
  10. 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 engine (Throttle) parts needed

    Galaxie Pages
    Well,I decoded the numbers on my Galaxie,and have been working on and hunting parts for my Galaxie for months now,and I finally have a motor and trans that I'm going to run. Here's the thing though,my Galaxie originally came with a 260 and two speed Ford-O-Matic,and I'm installing a 390 and 3...