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  1. 70 Maverick project

    Maverick Pages
    So, I have bought a 70 maverick, I paid 1600 bucks (included delivery) theres some rust in the quarters and the car is rattle canned, it came with a 302 as far as I know the bottom end is stock, it is freshly machined the crank is turned 30/30 and it is bored .40 over, It has a 9 inch with...
  2. Maverick Door locks

    Maverick Pages
    Hey everyone I just bought a 70 Maverick to start a small drag car project. It doesn't have a key to the door locks and I cant find any from the parts stores, so my question is since the maverick is a pretty close relative to the mustangs and falcons will a door lock switch from a mustang or...
  3. high pressure = stroker?

    Stroker Engines
    Hello all, I have a 1971 Torino SCJ Clone, with a non parts matching ingine that Im trying to find out more about. The car was originally a 500 Sports roof with a 302 2v, and had a healthy 429/460 put in it before I got the car. A little about the engine- C9VE-B 6015, 385 series 460 block...
  4. 1984 5.0 Mustang drag car

    Makin' Progress
    1984 Mustang Coupe Powered by a 1994 5.0 EFI to Carb conversion Began this project several weeks ago but only recently began to document progress, I'm currently focusing all of my effort into this. Engine and Specs: Stock 1994 5.0 Block...