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  1. 1984 5.0 Mustang drag car

    Makin' Progress
    1984 Mustang Coupe Powered by a 1994 5.0 EFI to Carb conversion Began this project several weeks ago but only recently began to document progress, I'm currently focusing all of my effort into this. Engine and Specs: Stock 1994 5.0 Block...
  2. cam suggestion

    Ranchero Pages
    hello and thanks in advance for any help folks. i am trying to figure out what cam to order for my motor. i blew up my other ford 400 big time. i have another 400 out of a 70 or 71 galaxie i think the guy said. its the first year for 400 with 9.5-1 compression. i have a holley street dominator...