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  1. Drag Racing
    Looking for advice and experience help on deciding what carb to buy. Finishing new sbf 9.5 deck 427, AFR 220, solid roller engine for my 63 Fairlane drag car and need a carb. Does anyone know about Willy's carbs out of Illinois?? Need a naturally aspirated carb, no power adders. I like...
  2. Maverick Pages
    Hi all. So I took my maverick down for the last test and tune of the season. Long story short ran one pass, it was popping and spitting and was hard pressed to climb above 5 grand. Pulled the valve covers off to make sure we didn't bend a push rod. Everything looked good put the valve covers on...
  3. Drag Racing
    Hey all! After scrounging all my paychecks for a few years this summer I am finally going to take my first passes at some test and tune track days and 1 or 2 arm drop events near me!! I am pumped and currently cursing the snow! I was hoping to share my set up and perhaps get some predictions...
1-3 of 3 Results