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  1. For sale-Ford racing main harness

    Ignition and Electrical
    I have the following for sale: Ford Racing P/N M-12071-C302 Main Harness for sale. The harness has never been used except for fit-up. I also have a used injector harness as well. $75 for both + shipping. I also have used injectors, stock MFM's as well as a Mass Air Systems MFM with conical...
  2. Explorer 5.0 swap

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hi so I've searched all over and haven't found the answers I need. I bought a 97 explorer with an auto and 5.0 for 500 bucks today runs and drives just needs a new windshield. Anyway I plan on swapping the motor into my 67 fairlane (I know this is the mustang pages but I figured I would get more...
  3. In need of some experience and wisdom 351c /w

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello all. I am just about to start my 67 mustang project car. I am going full resto mod. its just a c code and the previous owner already butchered the car and tossed out the 289. Im fighting with the usual problems on a build. The struggle to make a car unique and interesting. A never large...
  4. need as much help as i can get

    Late Model EFI Techboard
    i have 93gt that has a stock bottom end with roush 200 heads, dss 1.6 rockers, ford racing Ecam, holley systemax intake, bbk 75mm throttle body, egr block off plate, 24lbs injectors, holley fuel pressure regulator, and pro m 24lbs mass air. the car runs great but if i give it any gas at idle...
  5. Ford Fuel Rail Rehab

    Induction Articles
    Installing new interconnecting fuel lines on typical Ford fuel rails can be a bit frustrating. With the considerations and techniques I have developed below, re-doing a fuel rail takes all of about 1/2 hour. Follow along and I'll show you how I get this small but irritating job done quickly...