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  1. 66 289 engine

    Rebuilt 66 289 engine pulled from my Fairlane a few years back to replace with a roller cam 302. Ran very well, no leaks, no smoke. The engine was rebuilt as part of an amateur restoration shortly before I purchased the car. I had intended to run the engine in the Fairlane after I repaired...
  2. Need advice on engine

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey Guys, Going to be honest...not a big car guy at all but 2 weeks ago I purchased a 70 T-Bird because I really liked the car. All of my friends are really good with cars and they were going to help me out with any issues. Sadly about a week into the purchase the head gasket went out and as we...
  3. Engine ID Help

    All Ford Techboard
    Looking for some help in deciphering the engine ID tag. I dont have the car that it originally came out of (family history said it was a 69 thunderbird, but that was wrong). The tag does not seem to follow the template I have found here, Deciphering Your Ford Engine's ID Tag -
  4. Replacement for FORD FE 390 ENGINE (Mustang 1967) - HELP!

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Dear all I have a 1967 Mustang with a 390 V8. The block cracked a cilynder, pouring water into the crankcase and damaging all the main bottom end components, including the crankshaft, rods and pistons. The Edelbrock Performer RPM heads are in good shape, also the camshaft etc. I need to...
  5. 67 Galaxie 500 rebuild

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I bought a 67 Galaxie with the 390. One owner. Everything still original, and it had 80k miles. Motor isn't running. Push rods are bent. Upholstery is all original, and cracking, as is the headliner. Lots of patina on the outside. I put some new white walls and some...
  6. Removing Engine Belt Writing/Script

    Galaxie Pages
    One of my aftermarket engine belts has "Made in Korea" printed on it in white letters. I used to a Sharpie to cover it up part of it, but it looks worse now because Sharpie looks purple and shiny on a flat black belt. Any suggestions on removing the lettering from the belts so they look plain/OEM?
  7. 1965 Ford Falcon

    Falcon Pages
    Hi Ford Muscle Forums, This is my first post, because I have bought my first classic, a 1965 Ford Falcon. I have some questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a rod hanging down in my engine that is connected to my throttle. I will snap a picture to show you what i mean...
  8. FE's for sale: 428 and 427 center oiler

    Air and Fuel
    I have 2 FE engines for sale. my project took a different direction. The 428 is a 1966 block, C6ME casting number. block is at .040, sonic checked for thickness. Speed Pro forged pistons and moly rings. Balanced. Short block ready to go. Heads and the rest are available to complete the engine...
  9. 351W 500hp?

    Im getting an 89' fox body, hatchback mustang soon and It'll just be the body. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to build a 351W with 500hp. Price doesn't matter, I'd just like to know what I need.
  10. For Sale: 1964 390 FE Cylinder Block

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    For sale is an original Ford Galaxie 390 cylinder block. The block was hot dipped at one point, and has since only accumulated a very light layer of surface rust in a few areas from sitting. This block was bought by the previous owner of my Galaxie, and he intended on using it for a numbers...
  11. Mallory Unilite distributor..Good or bad?

    Galaxie Pages
    I am looking at picking up a mallory 47 series vacum advance (with leway to adjust mechanical advance) for my stroked 390 FE build. Thought, comments, experiences? I have a chance to get one ..less a cap and rotor.. installed but never started... for about $125-$150.
  12. Help with engine id in 65 galaxie!!

    Galaxie Pages
    I've got a 65 galaxie 500 xl with 390 engine I am restoring. My dad has had it parked since the 70s so I know nothing has been changed since then. I was tring to find out if it has the original motor, which would be great I was hoping to have all numbers matching. The date code on the car is...
  13. 351 camaro swap

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi I'm a ford guy who's stuck with a fourth generation camaro. I have already put lots of money and time into it besides just the engine but am finally fed up with it. By selling it I will be losing lots of money so I am interested in doing a ford swap to put a 351 into it. The transmission is...
  14. First 351W Stroker - New to Forums

    Stroker Engines
    Hi everyone, I'm new the forums. I joined because I decided to do a rebuild project on a 351W. I am completely new to engine rebuilding, but have done extensive reading, and watch a few rebuild tutorials, like one produced by BoxWrench. I will be picking up a 351 block this weekend from a...
  15. Engine problem need help!!!

    Galaxie Pages
    So I picked up a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 not to long ago and I have been having trouble try to get the car to idol. I replaced the fuel pump, carb, and flushed out all the old fuel. I noticed that fuel is not getting to the carb even though when I pumped the fuel manuely fuel came out. What...
  16. FS: Machine Shop Fresh 460 block

    Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I have 460 block that I had machined but am not going to use, I'm going to stick with old reliable 302. I also have a set of original pistons, intake manifold, and a few other odds and ends. It is located in Birmingham, AL. I will meet within a reasonable distance if it helps.
  17. 89 Engine in a 94??

    Mustang 1979-1995
    Found a 302 engine block available on craigslist.... along with a 94 mustang, currently with an engine in it but main bearing is going out, so my question would be would this work? if so how long would this be estimated to take? any and all help is appreciated
  18. FORD 302 Performance Heads???

    Truck Forum
    i have a spare 302 V8 ford engine under my bench and was wondering how to tell if it has performance heads on it. it is all rebuilt and i was going to put the heads on the 302 in my 1976 ford f100 if they were. let me know how to tell or if i can give any #s to help you guys out. thanks
  19. Ford 427 stoked to 454 with 428SCJ crank

    For sale Ford 427 C3AE-H engine complete, .030 over, forged pistons, 428SCJ crank 20-20, 428SCJ counter balance, 428SCJ automatic flywheel wieghted, crank heavy metal balanced, Lemans cap screw rods, after market road race front sump oil pan, 428 CJ heads, adjustable rocker arms, Edelbrock 427...
  20. Ford 360 BB

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello I have a few questions about timing. What should the initial timing be on a 360 BB? and what should the timing be at WOT? It is in my 1973 ford f100 custom. It is 100% stock. It is having a hard time starting with the occasional back fire in the carb. once its running it seems to...