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  1. 1963 z code 390 build

    Galaxie Pages
    Well I'm getting ready to start purchasing parts to build my Marauder engine. I want to get it running strong at between 4 or 5 hundred HP. Was considering a stroker kit to a 445 but I'm not sure. Maybe just a can swap and aluminum intake? Not opposed to spending money but not sure if I...
  2. Knowledgable people only

    Makin' Progress
    i guess ill start by saying im looking for my next project car. i want to restore do a full body talking suspention and everything i want and engine that pushes 700 hp need to know if i can find a fuel efficient engine with good performance or do i need to chip it to switch between the twoand...
  3. Must Read Articles: Budget Builds, Crate Engines, Balancing and More

    Engine Articles
    CHP IN THE PRESS CRANKS | CRATE ENGINES | BUDGET BUILDS AND MORE! We've dedicated an entire section of our site to over 20 years of editorial coverage where we were involved. Coast High Performance has been featured in hundreds of magazines across the world! This page will be updated...
  4. Calling all Facebook Friends. We're on! Join us for a good time!

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    JOIN THE REVOLUTION!! Hey Everyone. We are now on facebook and wanted everyone to know. We are going to be posting lots of great, great stuff. We want to be able to help with any build questions you might...