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  1. Falcon Pages
    Just bought a 1968 2 door v8 falcon. Have spent quite awhile trying to find replacent fenders and rear quarter panels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks Bryon
  2. Falcon Pages
    Hey guys, I know posting a "For Sale" as my first post generally isn't a good starting point on moral grounds, but this is where I was pointed to by some friends. Up for sale is my 1964 Falcon Futura "Peregrine" build. Car is in the early stages, but was a fully restored example before I...
  3. Falcon Pages
    First of all, hello!! I’m the proud owner of a 64 falcon futura. Yeah it’s a 4 door but it’s mine lol. Anyways, this car is completely stock and the engine gave out a few days ago. I’ve been looking on the forums and I’m not seeing my answer so here I am lol. I purchased a 1976 Ford maverick...
  4. Falcon Pages
    I have a 1961 Falcon. This car was used as a drag car for many years.I am wondering how many different places could I find the serial number. I have a title for the car but It looks like the driver's door has been changed.They also did something goofy with the shock tower brace replacing them...
  5. Parts for Sale
    From a 1961 Comet S22 a complete drive train coming available. I6 engine and 3SPD manual. 34k on odometer. Runs, shifts and drives as it's in the car now. Was told it's a 170ci. brand new ignition, good clutch oil pan to air cleaner, water pump to trans tail shaft. Generator charges, choke works...
  6. Falcon
    I’m not sure the correct and safety points to jack up my 67 Falcon (4 door)... I have two jack stands and a low profile floor jack
  7. Falcon Pages
    Just completed a disc brake conversion on my 1964 Sprint, necessitating the swap from 13” to 14” wheels. My friend (a mustang guru) said that the best size tires are 205/75/14. Just seeking other suggestions for a good clearance in the wheel well.
  8. Fairlane Pages
    This is a pretty sweet set of tails if anyone is looking! First On Race Day ? ~ Mack
  9. Fairlane Pages
    This is a pretty sweet set of tails if anyone is looking! First On Race Day ? ~ Mack
  10. Falcon Pages
    Hello, I'm planning a Coyote resto-mod on my 1965 Falcon. And I have a general idea what needs to be done. My only question is, if I plop in a new rear end (a 8.8" or 9") and pair it with the existing 170cu l6, what challenges can I expect? I plan on using 31 splines with 5 lugs, but may use...
  11. Falcon Pages
    Several months ago, I purchased a '70 Falcon and moved it to the yard where I'm based, at one end of route as a Commercial Driver, and have been working on the mechanical aspects each time I've stopped at the yard. Now, just as I've gotten her mechanically sound, I'm told that being...
  12. Falcon Pages
    I have a 1964 Ford Falcon Sedan, 2-door, 6 Cyl. 170 straight, 3 speed tree Manual Transmission and Brakes. My wheel is 13” (Rim diameter), Rim width is 4”, Backspacing; I don’t know bcuz tire is on wheel, 4 lugs (Bolt pattern measurement is 4.5”). My tire size is P185/70R13. I need one wheel...
  13. All Ford Techboard
    hi everyone my name is Jarod and I am almost 16. I got my first classic a 1964 falcon 2dr sedan. I love it but the stock 170ci i6 makes only 100 hp gross. I just think that's to low for me. I have two engine to choose from a 302 Windsor or a 351c both 2v versions. I have a limited budget so I...
  14. Falcon Pages
    I have a 64 Falcon Futrua 4Dr and the brake lights will not come on. The headlights work just fine but they are about the only electric thing that currently works. I've checked all the bulbs and wires they seem to be in good condition. Not sure what else to check.
  15. Falcon Pages
    does anyone have pictures or a diagram of the vacuum lines on their carb? The previous owner had lines plugged and clipped all over the place and its not the original engine. Its a 200 straight 6 with a single barrell carb.
  16. Falcon Pages
    Hello all. I have been working on a 1963 Falcon project for some time now and decided to start posting it on a forum. The details of the build up until this point are here: This is a pretty extreme restomod; there is very little Falcon left. Here are...
  17. All Ford Techboard
    I recently became the proud owner of a 1960 Falcon with 144 ci straight 6. From what I was told, it has been sitting in a shed/barn since 1994. The engine wants to run but doesn't seem to be getting any gas. The shop replaced the gas tank, fuel lines, sending unit, and fuel pump, as well as a...
  18. FM Video
    We travel around Australia going inside garages to talk to car owners and get the story behind their car. You see the car pics online, we get the story behind those pics and told by the owners themselves! This feature we talk to Grant and check out his 1967 XR ford falcon aka 'BAD APPLE'. Its...
  19. Engine
    I recently swapped out the original engine and transmission in my 1964 Ford Falcon, and have them sitting at an auto shop in Inglewood, CA. These are 5 bolt pattern, and come with the trans yoke, damper, intake, distributor, pulleys and brackets. The flex plate and block plate aren't there (we...
  20. All Ford Techboard
    Hi, I have been daily driving my 1964 Ranchero 260 v8 3 on the tree for about 5 months now, and as the summer in colorado approaches I will be making more frequent trips through the mountains and on highways and the lack of gearing in the 3 speed is beginning to limit My Ranchero's usability...
1-20 of 69 Results