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  1. Wanted
    looking for a front bench seat for a 1965 falcon Lompoc, Ca Thanks
  2. Engine
    :tup: 351W .030 ,Dart iron heads,mild porting,SS valves,Crane roller rockers,Fluidampner,Lunati flat tappet 554 lift,Comp push rods,crower rods,CSR elec water pump,Melling oil pump,Mallory dist,Ford Motorsport alum intake,650 carb, C6 trans w/3500 stall,transco shift kit,and a B&M pro stick...
  3. Falcon Pages
    i am looking for a 1964-1965 ford falcon or ranchero front bumper and both brackets, mine has a comet front bumper and brackets and im looking for the one that goes on my truck, please call me at 319-202-5165 and my name is Donovan
  4. Falcon
    1964 Falcon Futura 2 dr hardtop, VIN# 4K11F178XXX. Clean Texas Title. Has been in storage since 2001 after being vandalized. Original 260 V-8, started it and ran for a few minutes. Very solid car to restore. All pans are solid and trunk. A few dents and dings. Chrome, bumpers and trim. Most of...
  5. C4 Transmissions
    I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Futura 200 inline six Now the question. . . What type of manual transmission is a 4 on the floor w/ overdrive? (i.e. C4, C5, C6)
  6. All Ford Techboard
    My falcon's been sitting for a couple weeks while I fixed a leaky exhaust manifold and did a little wiring work. Wiring still in-progress, but wanted to check the exhaust leak. Things were fine in the "ON" position, but as soon as I kicked it over to "START", it everything went dead. No starter...
  7. Falcon Pages
    I have a 64 hardtop with the stock 8' rear. I want to run the largest tire in the rear. I'm thinking 15x8 prostars with 4.5 back space and 235x60x15 tires. Has anyone done this? or larger? Also I like the skinnys up front but don't want too much of the rotor showing, sticking out the back of the...
  8. Falcon Pages
    Looking for a 8 or 9 inch rear end narrow enough to fit my 61. It would help if I could open up the rear quarter panel where it covers half the wheel. Is there anyone who makes an aftermarket sheet metal fender flare. Or what make of donor vehicle would have fender flares close enough to...
  9. Falcon Pages
    I know it's one piece with the box. I'm rebuilding my box, so I'm taking it all apart. Got the box out (that was fun...), got the sector shaft out, and per the manual the next thing to do is remove the "steering shaft bearing adjuster and cup", then pull the steering shaft and ball nut out...
  10. Falcon Pages
    This is on '64 I-6 manual steering, looks like this: I'm freshening up my steering bits, so I picked up a new idler arm and idler arm bushing. I assumed the bushing somehow fit inside the fat section of the idler arm, but nope: it's just a rod end/ball joint: So, where does the idler arm...
  11. Drivetrain
    Have a Old TIGHT 4 speed shifter box, You'll need monting plate and linkages and handle, PUSH in style NOT bolt on. $40 dollars + 8.95 Flat Rate shiping to lower 48....John 513-312-8799
  12. Brakes
    got one complete set of Disc Brakes, Complete, will fit many, many other modles and years, Falcons, comets, mavericks, mustangs..has the Manual Master Cly and valve and pedal if you need it, $375 with everything, or $325 without or text 513-312-8799 John or email, this is my last...
  13. Falcon Pages
    Has anybody done a full frame? a independent front suspension? or a mini tub? I am looking to fit a 18x10 rear and 18x8 front but would like to upgrade suspensions any ideas thoughts or advise I have a 4 door parts car that Im using as a test car to transfer to my coupe but would like to go...
  14. All Ford Techboard
    Motor Mounts (2) by Mad Science, on Flickr Motor Mounts (1) by Mad Science, on Flickr It's a '64 Falcon with a (5-bolt) 260 swapped in by a previous owner. Was originally a 170 I6 car. I know these aren't Falcon V8 mounts. Was told they were Mustang Mounts, but it can't be those, either. The...
  15. Falcon Pages
    What size spacer is required to run 17"x8" Bullitt wheels on the rear of a 64/65 Falcon? I will be using the Vintage Venom disc brake setup. They have a 9/16" and a 1" spacer. Is the 64/65 Falcon's wheel well the same size as a 65' Mustangs? I know the shape is different!
  16. Falcon Pages
    Has anyone installed the Vintage Venom disc brakes on their 64/65 Falcon? The kit is real popular for mustangs. My concern is whether or not the 17" wheels will fit in the rear wheel wells.
  17. Brakes
    I have the COMPLETE Disc Brake set up, off a 1972 Mach 1, New Pads, Rorors clean, Hoses, ready to install...525.00...Call or Text 513-312-8799
  18. Brakes
    I have the Disc Brake spindles....Bare....$275.00 obo or trade for junk I need for my Mach 1
  19. All Ford Techboard
    Due to some complications, I need to dolly-tow my Falcon. I know on some manual transmissions, you're supposed to pull the driveshaft if you tow b/c the tailshaft doesn't get properly oiled if just the driveshaft's spinning. Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  20. Falcon Pages
    As I put the clutch in at a stop sign, heard a big BANG and the car was stuck in gear, but the pedal was halfway down. Swung it into a parking lot and stalled it with the brakes...actually a decent parking job for have 5 seconds from failure to stall-parked with manual steering and brakes :)...