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  1. Exhaust and Headers
    I have a 65 Ford Galaxie with a BB 390, FE heads that are 8 bolt header attachment per head. Has Power Steering, but not power assisted brakes. I’ve only found Hooker Headers that they say will fit. Part # 520-6130. Will these fit with them having a 16 bolt header line up? The upper and lower...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Hey All, First post after trying to find this question with no luck. Im rebuilding my FE 390 and bought Comp Cam 33-224-3 (268H) cam and matching lifters. After inspecting the parts and doing some research, the Comp lifters have a 5/16" cup and my factory push rods have 3/8" ball on both ends...
  3. Galaxie Pages
    I try to figure out my Fuel Consumption Probs- ) What is the Capacity of a Fuel Tank for a 62 Ford Galaxie Conv.? How much Miles could I drive with normal cruisin Style - behaviour? Which function does the Power Valve in a Autolite 4100 - 1.12 have? And what would occur if it is failin? My...
  4. Galaxie Pages
    I am going to stroke my FE 390 to a 431, put in a nice Comp roller cam and lifters, with Harlan Sharpe rockers. I want to feed the beast with dual 500 cfm quads like Edel.'s Air-gap matched set. Will this fit under my stock hood?
  5. Torino Pages
    Hello I have a 71 Torino with a 250/C4 and would like to install a FE390/C6. The 390 and C6 are rebuilt and finally something came across for me to use it in. Can this be a bolt on application or do I need to get the level out and make my own mounts? I am thinking 429 mounts but it cant...
1-5 of 5 Results