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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! Well i'm over 40...sigh. Married over 15 years...sigh. To a lady that hates cars....crap! Work in auto surplus/salvage yard field for 20 years. Anyhow... My dad and I restored a RUSTY 67 fastback. Now we are working on restoring the motor, trans and rear in that order. He wants more...
  2. Late Model EFI Techboard
    i have 93gt that has a stock bottom end with roush 200 heads, dss 1.6 rockers, ford racing Ecam, holley systemax intake, bbk 75mm throttle body, egr block off plate, 24lbs injectors, holley fuel pressure regulator, and pro m 24lbs mass air. the car runs great but if i give it any gas at idle...