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  1. Fairlane Pages
    Hey yall, Just bought a 65 fairlane and pretty solid 289 auto car. Been searching for rear frame rails where leaf springs attach. Found them for 1964 and 66 thru 70. No 65....anyone know if they make them or if the 64 or 66 will work? Thanks Dave
  2. Galaxie Pages
    Good morning, all, My 1967 500’s frame was worse than I initially expected the torque boxes and frame rails are all compromised. I’m trying to find an aftermarket solution, however I’m having difficulty locating one. I’ve located a galaxy frame in Tennessee,However I’m concerned about the...
  3. Galaxie Pages
    Can anyone tell me what publication or manual or service flyer I can find the correct directions or schematics or diagram for the body to frame mounting bolts and rubbers and washers. I am putting my 66 Galaxie back together and want to do it correctly but there is nothing in the Service Manual...
  4. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I am checking to see if there is interest in a 4 door 67 Galaxie. I have not personally seen this car yet but I am buying to take the dash, heater, chrome trim, etc. I wont have a need for the frame or the body. So if there is interest in the frame, let me know. I may want the rear axel...
  5. Fairlane Pages
    Does anyone know of any reproduction front frame rails for a 66? I just bought a 66 gt that has rust in the passenger side rail. The shock tower also appears to have some rust at the bottom where it attaches to the frame. The frame rust is on the bottom just behind the shock tower and also on...
  6. Galaxie Pages
    I have a '66 Galaxie that I am in the process of restoring. I have the front clip off and engine pulled, and I am thinking very seriously about splitting the body from the frame. I only have a two car garage to work in, and if I remove the body I will need to store it outside while I do the...
  7. Galaxie Pages
    This is the body to frame bushings kit you get from Auto Krafters. I paid $150 plus shipping. 58 pieces. I have grouped the bushings into there own type photos to avoid confusion. Some are up side down so you can see the bottoms. The website doesnt have an image so you can see what your buying...
  8. Galaxie Pages
    Hey Everyone, I recently found out I need a new frame for my 1968 Galaxie 500. I know that Ford used the same frame on all the Galaxies from 66-68, but I was wondering if there are any other vehicles that have the same frame? I'm not set up to do any frame adjustments or modifications. Thanks!
  9. Mustang Pages (2005-2009)
    Hi, Does anyone can help me by providing the Specs and measurement of a 2007 Mustang Frame ? living in France whith my 2007 Mustang that I took back with me from Florida, I met a road fence ... The parts arrived last day and the body shop is taking care of the 'Stang. But they need the specs...
  10. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    Anyone in eastern Colorado or western Kansas with a good frame for my hard top 67 custom 500?
  11. Galaxie Pages
    hello, well im gonna start by saying i recently bought a 65 galaxie knowing that the frame was cracked and had some rot, only to realize it was alot worse than i first anticipated, i found a couple frames in my area. my question is this..... will a 2door galaxie fit on a 4door frame?? and if...
  12. Falcon Pages
    Has anybody done a full frame? a independent front suspension? or a mini tub? I am looking to fit a 18x10 rear and 18x8 front but would like to upgrade suspensions any ideas thoughts or advise I have a 4 door parts car that Im using as a test car to transfer to my coupe but would like to go...
1-12 of 12 Results