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  1. Grille Support - LH & RH - 1964 Ford Galaxie

    Auto Metal Direct
    Now available - Grille Support - LH - 1964 Ford Galaxie Part# 151-8964-L Retail price: $24.99 Grille Support - RH - 1964 Ford Galaxie Part# 151-8964-R Retail price: $24.99 Reproduction grille support bracket for the 1964 Ford Galaxie. Stamped from high quality heavy gauge steel on our...
  2. 1964 Front Bumper Differences

    Galaxie Pages
    Lately I've been stumbling on interesting little details about our cars. I have this picture handy, so I figure I should share this particular one. I have four original front bumpers from 1964 Galaxies, and I've learned there are two distinct designs. One had additional ears above and below the...
  3. 66 Fastback Windshield Replacement

    Galaxie Pages
    So, I finally pulled the trigger on a new windshield for my 66. I was tired of having 'white out' at night when headlights shine my way and in sunlight while driving. I have an order in through Safelite and they are scheduled to come do the installation in 7 days. So....Has anyone else...
  4. Front Axle Alignment ´62 Gal??

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi Folks - which alignment Specs would you take if your Car is Power Steered and got new American Classics 215/75/R14 wheels on it? I think the Specs in the Manual won´t fit.:confused: At this time the self center ecffect in Cornering is not enough. Before I replaced the Bushings at the front...