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fuel pump

  1. Fuel Return Line

    All Ford Techboard
    I'm building a 67 Fairlane that will have a carburetor. It will have an electric fuel pump, a fuel pressure regulator and return line. I'm thinking about running the return line into the fuel tank drain hole. Anyone see a problem with this arrangement? I'll be running a Holley 750 which...
  2. 68 f100 390 EATING fuel pumps by the dozen

    Truck Forum
    Help! My truck sat for 10 years. rebuilt it with my son for him to drive and it has become a nuisance. First fuel pump lasted 12 minutes. was old. no problem. 2nd pump went 2 months. figured it was just Chinese junk. has eaten 5 more since. total of 7 in 3 months. flushed the tank with...
  3. Choke, Fuel Pump, and Coil...same relay?

    Maverick Pages
    So I'm new to these forums, but neither my brother or me are wiring experts and need a little help finishing up the 302 swap into my 70 Maverick. Right now we have the coil, choke, and fuel pump all wired up to a temporary toggle switch just so we could hear the car run and make carb and timing...